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The following documents are 3rd party lab results conducted by Juniper Analytics on our products. 

How to Use

We test and list each batch at Independent Third Party Laboratories to insure the utmost transparency and level of quality that you would expect.

Check the back of your product for a production code and “Best By Date” label. Find this number under the appropriate product and click on the link to view the lab results. The lab results contain information about the product’s testing attributes in particular the Cannabinoid Distribution and other information.    The variety of various Cannabinoids show that the CBD / Hemp Oil Extract used is “Full Spectrum”.  The total of all the Cannbinoids add up to the Hemp Oil Extract composite and the CBD as one element is also broken out.

Lab Result PDFs

LD101 LM001 HARD CANDY LD002 LM002 #2033 550ML #2034 1000ML